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Immigrating to Canada

Antya Schrack, Canadian Immigration Lawyer working in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Canada has a liberal immigration policy. Every year over 200,000 people immigrate to Canada. They are admitted to Canada under various categories: most of them come as skilled workers and as family members; a large number is given permanent residence as refugees; some are admitted as entrepreneurs and investors. Many others come to Canada to work, to study or as visitors. Canada, in particular the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia, needs many skilled workers and tradespeople, particularly in construction and the technical fields.

Antya Schrack has practiced immigration law for 17 years. Her services include:

  • assistance with applications for immigration
  • assistance with applications for visitor visas, student visas and work permits
  • representation at hearings and appeals and judicial reviews in the Federal Court
  • service in English or German.