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Applications for Permanent Residence

People can apply for permanent residence in Canada under the following categories:

  1. Skilled workers – for persons who apply on the basis of their qualifications which are measured by a point system awarded for the applicant's education and training, experience, age, proficiency in the two official languages, English and French, arranged employment and adaptability. 67 points are required to qualify.
  2. Business immigrants – there are three sub–categories:
    1. Investor – for applicants who have business experience, have a legally obtained minimum net worth of $800,000 and are willing to invest $400,000 with the Canadian government interest–free for five years.
    2. Entrepreneur – for applicants who have business experience, have a legally obtained minimum net worth of $300,000 (unless the applicant is selected by a province) and intend to own and manage a business (or part of a business) in Canada and employ at least one person who is not a family member.
    3. Self–employed – for applicants who have the relevant experience and the ability to become economically established in Canada and to make a significant contribution in cultural activities or in athletics or in farming by working in the arts, athletics and agriculture.
  3. Family Class – for applicants who have spouses, common–law spouses, conjugal partners or close relatives (e.g., children, grandchildren) in Canada who are willing and in a financial position to sponsor them.
  4. Live–in Caregivers can apply for permanent residence after having worked in Canada for two years.
  5. Inland applications on humanitarian and compassionate grounds.

Except for spouses and common law partners, for live–in–care givers, and for persons who have been found to be in need of protection or who are exempt from the visa requirement on humanitarian and compassionate grounds, applicants have to apply for an immigrant visa outside of Canada, usually in their country of nationality or permanent residence. The processing times of applications vary greatly from country to country and depending on the category under which the person applies. Priority is given to applications by spouses, common–law spouses and conjugal partners, and the goal is to process them within four to six months.