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Antya Schrack, Canadian immigration lawyer

Antya Schrack has practiced immigration law for 17 years and has prepared applications for potential immigrants in all categories. She has represented many clients in hearings in the Immigration Division, Refugee Protection Division and Immigration Appeal Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board, and at litigation in the Federal Court.

Antya Schrack can assist you with your application for immigration and with applications for visitor visas, student, and work permits, or represent you at hearings and appeals in the Immigration and Refugee Board and proceedings in the Federal Court.

Areas of Practice:

  • Immigration and Citizenship
  • Family Law
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents

Her office is located in the centre of Vancouver, in one of Vancouver's heritage buildings, now called The Electra, a landmark of downtown Vancouver.

Antya Schrack received her undergraduate education in Germany (Marburg, Berlin, Tübingen) and Zürich/Switzerland and obtained a Master of Arts and a Bachelor of Laws (Ll.B.) from the University of British Columbia.

Antya Schrack speaks German fluently and is able to assist German–speaking clients in resolving their immigration and legal matters in German.